SATA Christmas Party 2005

WHAT A PARTY !!……Thank you ALL for being a part of it and supporting SATA on its’ special evening.  On behalf of SATA, our biggest Congratulations is in place for our own; DANIEL TARAMONA, winner of the Oscar Lobo Award, 2005.  Very well earned  amigo.

This year SATA, under the command of Mrs. Floriana Martinez from American Airlines, visit more than 18 cities around USA, bringing the most informative program about Latin America direct to the Travel Agency community…..most of these cities want SATA to come back every year…..Special Thanks to our great friend Mr. Jim Woodman for his extraordinary lectures about Central & South America….everywhere we went he had standing ovations…Also -we need to mention American Airlines for being there all the time and flying our suppliers to every city we went…….American is one of our bigger supporters to promote Tourism to Latin America…..and so many other people to thank for dedication, time and effort…Dee Rovira our super duper coordinator, Raj Sanghrajka  from Big Five for his new ideas and hard work, Annie Berk from Ladatco for always being there…Jawayne Keyser, Noemi Menahan, Hermine Taramona and so many other people including our sponsors during 2005…..WHAT A YEAR !!!


The new board elected last November for 2006 is as follows:  

CHAIRMAN: Ms. Floriana Martinez from American Airlines; 

PRESIDENT: Mr. Raj Sanghrajka from Big Five;

VICE-PRESIDENT:  Ms.Neomie Menahem from Latour/Isram

TREASURE: Ray Heckman from Festival Tours

SECRETARY: Ms.Paulina Spindler from the Guatemala Tourist Board.


Board of Directors: Annie Berk from Ladacto;  Daniel & Hermine Taramona from Tara Tours, Jawayne Keyser from Martinair and  Jose Sampol from TAM Airlines.

Oscar Lobo Award 

Oscar Lobo spent his professional life promoting the wonders of South & Central America. He accomplished his mission in various ways from employment with airlines serving Latin American to working with and owning a Wholesale Tour Operation.

As one of the four outstanding speakers for “Focus Latin America” tradeshow circuit, Oscar was dynamic in his presentation to the retail travel agent community. When Oscar took ill, he wanted desperately to continue his efforts. Amy Coleman of William H Coleman Inc. asked Hermine Taramona of Tara Tours Inc. to prepare a presentation covering all of the Central American countries in order to be a back up for Oscar should he not be physically able to fulfill this commitment. This back up enabled Oscar to attend more presentations as heeducated and delighted many retail travel agents though out the United States and Canada.
When Oscar passed away in 1994, Hermine took to the Board of Directors of SATA, the idea of creating the prestigious Oscar Lobo Award. Up until that time, the industry had no way to recognize those who had the heartfelt commitment to promote tourism to South & Central America. The Board unanimously accepted and the motion was passed and in that same year the first award was presented.
Recipients of this prestigious award include:

2005 Mr. Daniel Taramona -Tara Tours Inc.

2004 Mr. William Coleman – William H Coleman, Inc

2003 Mr. Keith Harrell – American Airlines

2002 Ms. Hermine Taramona – Tara Tours

2001 Mr. Eduardo Proano – Metropolitan Touring

2000 Mr. Ciro Correa – Lan Chile Airlines
1999 Ms. Dulce Rosado – AeroPeru
1998 Ms. Carla Hunt – Travel Weekly
1997 Mr. Darius Morgan – Crillon Tours
1996 Ms. Michele Shelburne – Ladatco Tours

1995 Mr. Ray Heckman, Sr. – Festival Tours

1994 Mr. Jim Woodman – well-known travel writer, publisher & editor of “”

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